Religious Services

Religious Services


  • Performance of daily rituals of the deities in the three Temples strictly as per holy Almanac.
  • Celebration of all puja / festivals - like mega Durga Puja, Kalika Puja, Saraswaty Puja, Annapurna Puja, Jagadhatri Puja, Maha Shivratri, Ram Navami, Bipattarini Puja, Neel Shasthi, Holy Milan.
  • Assisting the Devotees in their performance of Shradh Ceremony, Till Tarpan Ceremony and other personal obeisances.

Devotee Service-Dharmashala:

Numerous visitores, patients, students, job-seekers, pilgrims and tourists come to the capital for various needs. To mitigate acute hardship which a visitor in the capital faces to find suitable accommodation at a reasonable charge, Kali Mandir maintains a 'Yatriniwas' (dharmashala); at a very nominal donation. It is maintaning a 'SANT Niwas' also for the visiting Monks.

Social Services:

  • Running FreeHomeopathy and Naturapathy Dispensaries.
  • Running Free Reading Room and Library
  • Running Free Yoga Centre.
  • Assisting students from under-privileged sections in meeting their educational expenses.
  • Assisting patients from the down-trodden sections towards their medical expenses.
  • Assisting the Sr. Citizens, who are staying alone in the colony in case they suddenly fall ill or otherwise.
  • Making Donations to Religious Organisations for pursuit of their religious activities.
  • Promotion of Bengali language by holding seminars, running Bengali language classes.
  • Feeding economically weaker section of the section (Nara Narayan Seva)

Other Personal Obeisances:

Naandimukh, Annaprason, Upanayan, Adyasraddha ( Sholadaan, Dwadashdaan, Chhaydaan, Anna-jal-bastradaan, Chaturbidho, Sapindikaron, Saambatsarik, monthly Shraddho, Bhojyadaan, Mohalaya tarpan, Bipodtarini broto, vehicle Mangolacharon, Amabashya puja, Satyonarayan puja,Shonimaharaj puja